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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How much do you charge for commissions?

            A: Please refer to my most up to date pricing sheet for sample pricing—however, I reserve the right to change the price according to the complexity and scale of the job. Generally, my finished work starts at $100 USD.


2. May I share your artwork on social media?

            A: Yes, in most cases. I generally appreciate those that ask permission before sharing my artwork. I ask that you do not share commissioned work without the express permission of the client for which it was created. All work MUST BE CREDITED CLEARLY—i.e., my name and social media handle must be both tagged and prominent in the caption of any work. Please do not edit or filter my work, as I put a lot of work into the colors and clarity of my pieces, and diminishing quality is detrimental to my reputation as an artist.


3. May I use your artwork for a poster or flyer?

            A: No, unless you have commissioned me for such. (Please refer to pricing sheet.) Using my artwork without permission is stealing, and appropriate legal action will be taken.


4. Where do you sell your original work/prints?

            A: Most of my designs are available on Society 6 (a print-on-demand site) if you are looking for prints or other goods. Original artwork will generally be posted for sale through my Instagram (@sfgleasondesign) or on my website ( If you are curious about a piece, please send me an inquiry! After shutting down my Etsy page, I have a lot of backstock of old drawings that may still be available.


5. What if the design I want is unavailable for purchase?

            A: If it’s not a commissioned design, just send me a request, and I’ll most likely be able to put it up on Society 6 or my website. Sometimes, I also eliminate older designs that I feel do not adequately reflect my current skillset, but I can be flexible.


6. Can I steal your work and sell it on Redbubble, etc.?

            A: ABSOLUTELY NOT, and the excuse “I didn’t know it was yours/ I didn’t see the credit” is patently unacceptable. Just because you saw it on an art page does not make it public domain. Appropriate legal actions will be taken, and I can hold a really good grudge. If you didn’t make it or pay me for it, you can’t sell it, period.


7.  So I want to commission you…how does that work?

            A: I would start by referring to my price sheet to get a basic idea of what you’re looking for. Typically, most of my current designs will be done digitally unless specified otherwise. You can either contact me through my social media or website, though website is preferred. Please give me an overview of what you will be using the design for, as this may affect pricing (i.e., advertising, album covers, clothing designs, etc.) All designs require a 50% non-refundable deposit up front. I will not begin sketches or conceptual work until the deposit is paid in full. If you are unsure if I am the artist you want to work with, I would suggest commissioning a rough sketch or concept piece from me to get an idea of what I would do. (Keep in mind, all sketch concepts and designs remain mine until a full design is purchased. These sketches are not intended to be shopped around to other designers.) If you like the final sketch and would like to proceed with a finished graphic, the price of the sketch will be deducted from the deposit.


8. May I pay you in royalties from selling the design on shirts, etc., in lieu of your pricing?

            A: No, I have done this before and haven’t made a cent off of it. My time and artistry is valuable, and I can’t work for free.


9. Your prices are too high! Will you lower them for me?

            A. In almost all cases, no. However, if you are a non-profit/charity function, I will consider a lower price on a case-by-case basis. My prices are already pretty low considering the time and detail I put into each design. I try to offer cheaper, tiered options for different budgets, but if you are looking for something with my traditional hyper-detailed style, it will be more expensive. In the past, I have severely underpriced my work to try and entice clients, and end up making about $2 an hour for my efforts. I do not charge hourly so that I can set reasonable prices based on my experience level, but I am no longer able to offer my former price points.


10. How do you pronounce your name?

            A: Siobhan sounds like saying “shove-on” really quickly.


11. What is the difference between a full-page illustration and a t-shirt/ad design?

            A: The short answer is the usage of the design. A full-page illustration would be considered something that would be published in a magazine or website with limited exclusivity. A t-shirt or ad design usually requires more editing and collaboration with the client, and comes with a full usage license.


12. Why don’t you sell t-shirts, vinyl stickers, etc. on your own sites?

            A: This is also a multifaceted answer. Over the past few years I have become a lot more passionate about environmentally friendly business practices, and so much of our planet’s pollution comes from the fast fashion industry. Vinyl stickers also produce a lot of toxic runoff, and I have made the conscious decision to avoid as many climate change accelerants as I am able. Currently, the print on demand method, while far from perfect, allows me to avoid producing excess product, and is a half-step towards a greener business.  The other facet is that I am financially unable to afford the quality products I would want representing my brand, and putting cheap products into the world that will break or wear out in a couple years doesn’t really appeal to me. I am working on finding solutions to this, but in the meantime, print on demand is my preferred avenue.


13. Can I get a tattoo of your piece?

            A: Yes, but I would appreciate it if you bought a print of the work or gave me a tip through PayPal (,) since I don’t profit in any way through my work getting tattooed on people.

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