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'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the air,

hung the scent of sweet herb, and nary a care,

For Kushmas was here, for the good older folks,

To relax, and sit back, and enjoy a good toke.

The pipes were all loaded, the joints were all rolled,

The dabs lay out glistening like autumnal gold.

The revelers passed around prerolls and presents,

Enjoying their time spent in each other's presence.

But before they consumed all their bounty of green,

A spry yuletide spirit crept by near unseen,

He placed a quick spell and bid they all sleep,

To dream of which presents the morning would reap.

And churlishly grinning, he gathered the stash,

And though he could be back home in a flash,

He sank in a tea mug and sparked up himself,

Before he returned to be Santa's favorite elf.


That's it. That's all the holiday spirit I have for this year. Hope you enjoy the art (and the poem...)

Happy Holidays.

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