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Hello Society 6!....and other minor updates

It's obviously been a while since I've posted an update! I've been trying to break free of the retail cycle and produce more art, which hasn't been super easy with my schedule and life intervening--but I have made some progress! I have finally opened a Society 6 store to help sell some of my work more easily. For now I am only going to start with my cannabis designs, since most of those are more apparel friendly anyway. A skincare company stole one of my favorite designs the other day and was selling it as a makeup bag (since taken down,) but it lit a fire under my ass to get some products out there, as people seemed to think it was worth stealing to use! I will be updating a backlog of designs on that for the next week, as well as slowly picking away at my etsy (a work in progress, indeed.) I will have 30+ originals for sale by the end of the week, most likely, and a variety of other prints available as print-to-order for around $5-$10. I have a million other little ideas in progress, too, so things might be vague and strange for a bit until I can collect it all together. Thanks for looking!

Stash Table Goals

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