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Today's Plastic Replacement Tips

Tips to replace single use plastics in your life:

1. Carry a metal or silicone straw with you. It only takes up a tiny amount of space in your bag or pocket!

2. Buy beeswax wraps to cover or wrap your food. I bought a pack of these a couple months ago and they're amazing--a little pricey to start with but I'm never going to buy plastic wrap again and they will last me years. Washable and eco-friendly.

3. Put a decently sized food storage container in your car (tupperware, pyrex, etc.) to use as a takeout box for your leftovers. This is one I need to get better at, but when I have used this tip, it works out even better because you don't have to transfer your leftovers from a non-microwaveable container!

These have been plastic replacement tips, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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